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Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction

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I love this book. I love this book, and I’m not even done with it yet.

I know this…

Because I’ve researched and copied and bookmarked and printed a lot of this information over the years. It’s not all new to me, but it’s the main file I’ve needed for basic reference for a while.

It was published in 2013, so I could have had this book five years ago, but I didn’t know it existed until I was browsing Barnes & Noble last week and I walked by the reference area and there it was.

I am a huge fan of Writer’s Digests books, plus it has great (yet diverse) contributors such as Orson Scott Card and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

My favorite part so far is the “Complete Fantasy Reference” section which includes tons of information that I’m also randomnly needing to know like “Chapter 8: Dress and Costume” or “Chapter 10: Anatomy of a Castle.”

It also includes an extensive index.

It’s the perfect book to help guide me through the finishing of my thesis.

I’m going back to reading now.


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