First Blog Post

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Hello everyone! My name is Regina aka Gina aka Blondie aka Reggie aka The Librarian aka Her aka Mom!! aka Wife! aka Jeana…

I think we’ll stick to that last one for now.

I’m a lover of books and a closet writer who decided to become a librarian who decided to go to school again to get enough confidence to call myself a librarian AND a writer.

This is actually the *I lost count* reiteration of this blog, but I’ve been a bit unfocused until now. What you can expect from this point forward are:

  • literary topics
  • book reviews
  • essays
  • writing prompts
  • props to my writer friends
  • topics that deal with libraries
  • tips from other writers
  • guest posts
  • support and love for the romance genre

So, if we have any of that in common, or I’ve piqued your curiosity…welcome to my blog!

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