Several years ago now, I read this on Amanda Palmer’s blog.

glitter diva superstar, gutter punk bohemian, banker, baker, astronaut, barista, all one, baby….the only measure to your success is whether you’re able to look in the mirror and feel authentic in your own fucking eyes

I’ve used the phrase, “that doesn’t feel ‘authentic’ to me” and people don’t understand what I’m saying.  Authenticity is being real, true, genuine, NOT FAKE. Like me in this picture below.

I feel authentic in my own eyes when I’m in the roles of wife, mom, writer, editor, researcher, librarian, artist, and dreamer.

I also love learning.  Academic credentials below because some people want them…

B.A. English. minor in Journalism (2008)
M.S. Library and Information Studies (2013)
M.A. English and Creative Writing (2018)

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